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China Steel Market Outlook for 2011 and Next Five Years

Number of visits: Date:2010-12-15

MetalBulletin, London-based information service institute, hosted the 26th International Ferro-alloys Conference in Intercontinental Hotel, Berlin of Germany during November 14-16, 2010.
About 600 delegates from all over the world attended the conference.
Wu Wenzhang, President of SteelHome website, was invited to present the events and give a speech entitled China Steel Market Outlook for 2011 and Next Five Years.
Key points of the speech are as follows:
1 In 2011, China’s active fix asset investment and steel-consuming industry will continue driving up crude steel demand.
2 China steel industry has poor profit for three years.
3 It is hard for international steel demand to rebound to pre-crisis level and world export market will not be optimistic in 2011.
4 I expect global crude steel production at 1.474 billion tonnes in 2011, a new record level.
5 Excess global liquidity will push up commodity price.
6 During 2011-2015, Chinese government will adjust economic structure and transform growth mode, weakening investment and boosting spending as a share of GDP.
7 China ferroalloy industry expand fast coupled with steel industry in the last decade.
The cooperation between MetalBulletin and SteelHome deepens since signing the cooperation agreement of iron ore price index on April 1, 2010.
On April 23-25, Cameron Hunt, Iron Ore Index Director of Metal Bulletin, was invited to present the 6th Steel Development Strategy Conference held by SteelHome in Shanghai and deliver a speech.

On September 7, Li Yan and Liu Yunping, President Assistant of SteelHome, together with Zhang Dandan, Manager of Marketing Department were invited to present the 9th International Stainless and Special Steel Summit held by MetalBulletin in The Westin Excelsior, Rome of Italy.

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